Welcome to medrepo

Help your patients help each other.


Medrepo wants to help people. People who have experienced the most diverse histories and fates.

We have therefore made it our goal to provide a platform for anonymous exchange between patients who are experiencing or have experienced the same or similar diseases. To create this network, we are developing an app: jasca.

This is where patients and doctors meet to exchange ideas. Patients can be connected via their doctor and their jasca in a box. On these devices, patient data is stored in decentralized encrypted form.

Anonymity is the top priority: carefully, we have been developing software for some time that keeps any data anonymous. Medrepo itself does not receive any information about the users.
Our vision is an anonymous knowledge network from which everyone can benefit. Our goal is to promote mutual support and motivation. We want to give hope.

Why jasca?

Better compliance

Your patients discover more interest in their health

Better decisions

You continuously receive additional vital signs of your patients

Empower patients

They provide hope, courage and cohesion through a community of patients with the same medical conditions

Less time required

uncomplicated communication with patients


 Humanity means that we meet first and foremost as people. People with illnesses, people with stories, people with needs, people who share ideas and solutions.

Humanity means supporting each other, sharing experiences and sticking together. Encouraging each other.


We handle the trust placed in us responsibly.

As a physician, you lead your patient group, moderate it, and ensure that knowledge exchange can take place in a sheltered environment. The group is there for their health issues and supports each other.

Patients take responsibility for their health seriously.


Only those who are completely anonymous can speak freely about their illness and exchange ideas with other members without bias.

Jasca is built from the ground up on anonymity. Users are anonymous in their group.

We do not have access to the patients' data, which are stored decentrally in encrypted form at the respective doctors' offices and are not transmitted to us.

With the help of Jasca, you can easily keep track of your patients' data. All data is stored encrypted on Jasca in a box at your practice.

Enable your helpers to easily and quickly make appointments with your patients, and provide findings for them.

Your patients can provide you with additional fitness data and findings fully digitally.

In the patient group, your patients can exchange information about all aspects of their disease. For a better quality of life and a more confident approach to their disease.

They moderate the group and can thus ensure that no false information is circulated.

Become part of jasca

A trusted colleague can verify you as a physician with medrepo and thus grant you access.

In the next step, you order jasca in a box from a trading partner. There is a one-time cost for this (195€).

A video shows you step by step how to connect jasca in a box in your practice.

You create the patients conveniently via the web browser. Here, too, we have prepared a video for you.

You bill your patients directly for the monthly subscription fee.

You keep the majority (60%) as an expense allowance. The rest will be forwarded to medrepo for further development.


Would you like more information about the product, would you like to leave your e-mail address so as not to miss any news, would you like to give us feedback or are you interested in an investment?


When will jasca be available?

Currently jasca is still under development. You will receive regular updates here on our website as well as via our newsletter.

Where is the data stored?

Your patients' personal data is stored decentrally on the jasca in a box at your practice. These are encrypted and cannot be viewed.

What data can I see?

You can view all your own findings and lab values. The patient can additionally share further data with you (findings, fitness tracker, lab values, doctor's letters, ...).

What happens if the patient wants to change doctors?

The patient can delete all stored data at any time. This is possible via the settings in the app.