Community agreement

Goal of medrepo GmbH

I agree with the aim of medrepo GmbH that on the one hand:

  1. Data donation: As with the Body donation in pathology I donate my data to science in anonymized form. The data is transferred to an anonymous knowledge database.
  2. Health advantage: Through the community that medrepo GmbH offers me, I intend to improve my health situation. I derive a personal benefit from the community.

medrepo GmbH pursues in particular the goal, democratize medicine, I would like to contribute to the achievement of the goal.

Community of patients and doctors

I am part of a community of patients and doctors who help each other to improve the health of the individual. The community respects the basic democratic rules, especially the imperative of empathy, consideration, tolerance and protection of privacy. The community works on the quality of the knowledge base and the improvement/maintenance of its own health.

  1. Wikiquettes: In particular, I pay attention to the Wikiquette. For participation and sharing in the community, I have separately signed the Wikiquette, in the form in which it is used on the Internet. (I replaced the term Wikipedia with my community of patients and physicians).
  2. ReviewI commit myself to check the medical data of my community (review). Through the review, I read through the information and approve it, after correction if necessary. The review serves:
    1. Anonymity: The control of the knowledge base in such a way that the anonymity of the individual is preserved.
    2. Readability: The information should be understandable and readable, that misunderstandings in the presentation of data and medical correlations are avoided.
    3. Completeness: The data should be complete. It may be necessary for the patient whose data is being reviewed to visit the physician again to present his or her data completely.

Community anonymity

  1. Anonymity of the individual: I receive an instrument through medrepo GmbH to anonymize my data. This instrument is to be used carefully. The warnings and instructions in case of imminent violation of one's privacy are to be followed. After too many violations, a follow-up training by the attending physician is to be carried out. Participation and involvement in the community will be suspended for the time being.
  2. Community anonymity I speak of my community only in the anonymous sense. I do not release any personal information. We refer to the Protected Health Information.
  3. Community communication: The community gets a communication channel (chat channel). The communication of the community is exclusively for the exchange of medical information and mutual support. We do not provide personal information and we talk anonymously.

Participation of science

Wisschenschaft can address the individual/community in anonymous form via the knowledge base. This form of working has also emerged as "rolling review" in the Covid-19 pandemic. Science (outside experts) can:

  1. Review: Science can ask the community of physicians and patients to examine/treat individual patients more closely or to adjust examination and treatment methods.
  2. Recommendations: Science can make recommendations that help individuals or communities improve health status.